Relay Registration*

Relay registration is a TWO-PART process that involves the creation of a team and then the registration of its members.


The Relay Team Captain creates a team, determines the team category (i.e. Open Male, Open Female, Corporate, Youth, Student, etc.) and can pay for the entire team OR pay for just himself/herself.


Once the Team Captain has created a team, members can join that team in one of the following ways:

  • If the Team Captain has not prepaid for team members – members shall go through the same registration link, but choose “Join a team”.  The Team Captain needs to let the members know the password created for that team.
  • If the Team Captain has prepaid for team members – the Team Captain will send an email invitation to each team member (through to join the team.  The email will contain a link for member use in completing the prepaid registration.

If the team captain wishes to delete or replace members from a team, email

*Applicants under 18 years of age must have parent or legal guardian register on their behalf.

ENTRY FEE INCLUDES:  An original design Honolulu Ekiden T-shirt, commemorative medallion for all official finishers, and post-race refreshments and entertainment.  Your entry fee will also include admission into the nighttime concert.




Team Categories

Open Male: Team must consist of all male participants.
Open Female: Team must consist of all female participants.
Open Co-ed: Team must consist of a minimum of one male and one female participant.
The Masters: Team must consist of members with sum of ages equal to or more than 300.
Kama‘aina: Team members must be residents of the State of Hawaii on race day.
Family/Ohana: Team must consist of participants who are immediate or distant family members.
Corporate: Team must consist of members from the same organization.
Youth: Team must consist of six participants with the sum of ages equal to or less than 88.
Student (Male/Female/Co-ed): Student (Male/Female/Co-ed): Team members can be a combination of middle and/or high school participants. Outgoing high school seniors (graduating May/June) can race with their existing teammates in the “Student” division. A mixed team of students (Middle School and/or High School) and/or College will be considered the team category of the oldest participant. If the team has 1 College student and 5 high school students, that will also be considered as a University/College category team.
University or College: Team members must be university or college students on race day.
Heroes: Team members can be a combination of Military, Police, Firefighter, National Guard, Coast Guard, and/or Life Guard participants.

*Subject to change.