2018 Music Festival

May 19, 2018 (Saturday)・Waikiki Shell・Gates Open: TBD

*Registration fee for Honolulu Ekiden race includes admission to nighttime concert at Waikiki Shell
(Terrace or Lawn Seating on a First Come, First Serve Basis)



Artists From Hawaii

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Honolulu Ekiden and Music 2018 Sunplaza Nakano Kun

Sunplaza Nakano-Kun

Sunplaza Nakano-Kun is a Japanese musician and writer. He made his professional debut as a vocalist for Bakufu Slump in 1984. Among the songs the band released, “Runner” was their biggest hit. The band broke up in April of 1999. As a solo artist, he changed his name to “Sunplaza Nakano-kun” in January of 2008 and released numerous songs over the years. His latest mini album will be released in April 2018 from Universal Music commemorating the 30th anniversary of the song, “Runner”.


Pappara Kawai

Born on September 14th, 1960
Hometown: Kashiwa-shi, Chiba-prefecture.
Blood type: B

He made his debut as a guitarist for Bakufu Slump in 1984. Their first album was titled “Yoi” and the 1st single was titled “Shukan Tokyo Shojo A”.

In 1988, their single titled “Runner” became a huge hit and gained much popularity. They kept releasing hit after hit such as “Rizo lava (resort lover)” (1989), “Okina Tamanegi no shita de ~haruka naru omoi~”(1989), “Tabibito yo ~the longest journey~”(1996) and became steadily popular in the music scene.

Since the band’s break up in 1999, he has been producing songs for other artists, writing, and sharing his talent through various projects.

Official website is http://www.amuse.co.jp/kawai/index.html



Honolulu Ekiden and Music 2018 Pappara Kawai

Honolulu Ekiden and Music 2018 May J.

May J.

May J. is a multi-lingual singer-songwriter with her background rooted in Japan, Iran, Turkey, Russia, Spain, and England. As a child, she studied dance, piano, and opera. She can compose, write lyrics, sing and play the piano. In 2014, she sang a Japanese version of the theme song for the Disney film, “Frozen”, and went on her very first performance at the 65th annual Red and White singing contest on NHK that same year.  In January 2015, she performed live at Tokyo Budokan for the first time.



Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku


Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku (literally Ebisu Private Junior High School) is a Japanese all-girl idol group consisting of six girls. The group was formed in August 2009 despite the fact that none of them were Junior High School students at the time.

Since their single, “Kari Keiyauku No Cinderella” debuted within the top ten of the Oricon chart in Japan on May 5th, 2011, all of their other singles have placed in the top 10 ranking. December of that following year, they performed their first solo concert at Saitama Super Arena.

They are currently active on TV variety shows, movies, stage performances (Theater), summer music festivals, and even modeling in Japan. They also continue to perform at large concert venues.


Rika Mayama (aka Ebi-chu’s high tension girl)
Birthday December 12th, 1996. Born in Tokyo. Height 154.2cm

Ayaka Yasumoto (aka lycopene girl as she loves tomato)
Birthday June 27th, 1986. Born in Tokyo. Height 160cm

Mirei Hoshina (aka the idol from 360 angle)
Birthday November 2nd 1997. Born in Kanagawa. Height 161.2cm

Hinata Kashiwagi (aka Ebi-chu’s smiley toy box)
Birthday March 29th, 1999. Born in Chiba. Height 156cm

Shikaho Kobayashi (aka dancing rice, singing inaho)
Birthday June 12th, 2000. Born in Saitama. Height 167cm

Riko Nakayama (aka scorpio junior high student)
Birthday October 28th, 2000. Born in Tokyo. Height 161cm


Honolulu Ekiden and Music 2018 Ebisu









  • No coolers, outside food & drinks allowed.
  • No hydroflasks allowed.  (Only empty, clear, non-glass water bottles allowed).
  • No packages, bags, knapsacks and backpacks allowed.
  • Small purses not to exceed 12″x12″ (One per person & subject to search).
  • No drones allowed.
  • No chairs, back rests only.
  • Any outside alcoholic beverages will be confiscated.  Any patron under the age of 21 found drinking will be subject to ejection and/or arrest